Faycitum Items
Items sold by Fenden Helter in Dragonscale Hills

Charm  Ear  Head  Face  Neck  Shoulder  Arm  Back  Wrist  Range  Hand  Primary  Secondary  Finger  Chest  Legs  Feet  Waist  Power Source  Ammo 
All-Purpose Longwrench 1800 Faycitum
Lifter's Insignia Ring 1010 Faycitum
Pointed Control Shaft 1850 Faycitum
Tainted Brownie Heart 2500 Faycitum
Flexible Boilerplate 1035 Faycitum
Jaklor's Keyring 980 Faycitum
Mechanomagical Torso Joint Plating 1030 Faycitum
Thorny Oak Mask 1025 Faycitum
Warleader's Pearl 2500 Faycitum
Mottled Deathshroud 1025 Faycitum
Main Whirlie Propeller Shaft 2150 Faycitum
Mechanical Drive Belt 1030 Faycitum
Wisp of Flame 1005 Faycitum
Neophyte's Veil 1025 Faycitum
Strong Propeller Drive Belt 1030 Faycitum
Magma-ground Dirk 1700 Faycitum
Gardener's Shawl 1030 Faycitum
Steam Suit Power Cell 975 Faycitum
Rusty Gear (with stats) 980 Faycitum
Mechanomagical Spring 990 Faycitum
Steamwork Faceplate 1025 Faycitum
Shield of the Flame Spirits 1275 Faycitum
Tristos' Weighted Wrench 1800 Faycitum
Hook-Bladed Hand Axe 1850 Faycitum
Shiny Ring Gear 1010 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Wolf Whistle 975 Faycitum
Steelgrip Power-Wrench 1800 Faycitum
Chain of Gears 1020 Faycitum
Hollow Steamwork Finger 1010 Faycitum
Elkhorn Longbow 2300 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Signet Ring 985 Faycitum
Grawlthin's Axe 2100 Faycitum
Featherdown Hoop 1010 Faycitum
Folded Propellers 1035 Faycitum
Slime Covered Paulder 1030 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Assassin's Belt 1030 Faycitum
Sanguine Spear 2200 Faycitum
Exoskeleton Backup Short sword 1850 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Warrior Crest 1275 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Assassin's Collar 1020 Faycitum
Yarnhilted Longsword 1900 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Cleric Cloak 1035 Faycitum
Solidified Spite 1015 Faycitum
Bulwark of the Elddar 1275 Faycitum
Coleoptera Mechanical Beetle Eye 2500 Faycitum
Bloodmoon Ritual Mantle 1030 Faycitum
Faded Treasure Map 1005 Faycitum
Decomposing Metatarsal Stud 990 Faycitum
Deadly Weeder's Knives 1900 Faycitum
Waterlogged Wheel 1250 Faycitum
Silvered Ring Gear 1010 Faycitum
Ralfin's Bloodorb 1900 Faycitum
Hardened Slime Cudgel 1750 Faycitum
Energized Wire Coil 747 Faycitum
Shortblade of Heart Piercing 2050 Faycitum
Energized Hydraulic Rod 1750 Faycitum
Condensed Cleaning Residue 1005 Faycitum
Energized Silver Gear 1005 Faycitum
Bloodfang Earring 990 Faycitum
Firemarshal's Signal Whistle 1020 Faycitum
Fire Reminder 1015 Faycitum
Fungus Spore Earring 990 Faycitum
Copper Friction Ring 985 Faycitum
Girding of the Disks 1030 Faycitum
Axe of Vine Hewing 1950 Faycitum
Flexible Metal Plating 1035 Faycitum
Shiny Trinket 1015 Faycitum
Dull Ancestral Signet 985 Faycitum
Perilous Pike 2175 Faycitum
Dimly Lit Ghostband 985 Faycitum
Mechanomagical Upper Appendage Joint Plating 1020 Faycitum